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Be Nice or STFU by KillMePleaseGodSocial Anxiety Disorder Stamp by EryStamps.Stamp. My Name is Fabulous by KillMePleaseGodTwilight Love by sadlonelylittlegirl


Made a tumblr finally.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 11, 2014, 6:43 AM

Now anybody want to explain to me what exactly you do on there? .-. And I don't have anyone to follow yet or whatever >.<


Rissa Anne
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥

Hi there. =] My name's Marissa, but I preferred to be call Rissa because I've never really liked my name all too much. I'm seventeen. I'm a total weirdo, I don't have very many 'in person' friends. I'm ok with that though, because I have wonderful online friends from this site and others that understand me better than most anyways. I love meeting new people and trying to help anyone in any way I can. So feel free to ask if you need something; trust me, you're not going to bother me.

I'm a gamer girl,(and no, I don't mean the kind that takes off her top and puts a controller in her mouth for a picture. I mean the sweatpants, a baggy shirt, hair thrown up in a ponytail, and a 'i'm going to rip your face off if you take my zombie points' attitude kind.) but I never have any money to go out and buy too many games, so I'm still new to it I guess. My favorite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts; which if you're on my page reading this, it's pretty obvious that I have an unhealthy obsession with this game. Lol. My favorite character is Sora. He's been my favorite since I was 6 and I've been a die hard fangirl ever since I watched my older sister play the first game. Other favorites Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, and many others. Also love anime, my favorites are Bleach and Death Note. I love creating OCs because I get to actually be apart of my favorite things.

I really suck at explaining myself and do better at it in the form of answers to people's questions, so, feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know. =]

Best friends~


Personality quizzes cause I get bored =P

What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Bleach Personality Quiz
You Scored as Kuchiki Rukia

You are Kuchiki Rukia.
Kind and modest, you are caring to those around you. Growing up an orphan, you've always wished to belong to family. With Kurosaki Ichigo and Kaien-dono, you felt the emotion you were always denied. You also tend to blame yourself for things that were not your fault. Remember that your friends are there to share the burden.

What Element Do You Bend Quiz
airbender stamp by steamwork
You are an Airbender!
Nation: Air Nomads
Martial Arts Style: Ba Gua
Opposing Bending Art: Earth
Notable Airbenders: Avatar Aang, Monk Gyatso, Sister Iio
Airbending is known for its constantly circular movement, which makes it difficult for opponents to attack directly. Maneuvers employ the entire body with smooth coiling and uncoiling movements, utilizing dynamic footwork, open-hand techniques, and throws. Airbenders enhance their movement in battle, and can run swiftly by decreasing wind resistance, jump high and far by conjuring gusts of wind, slow falls by creating cushions of air, and even sprint across or up vertical surfaces by generating a wind current behind themselves.
Airbending is the most passive of the four arts, as many of its techniques center around evading and eluding the opponent. Airbending lacks fatal finishing moves, being an almost entirely defensive art.
You are energetic, but in the same time lazy. You are smart, and think a lot, and all you need and require is a little bit of peace and quite. You are very caring. It doesn't matter who it is, you just simply care about everyone

Mah Facebook:…
Tell me who you are if you add me or I won't accept~

Current Residence: Alabama
Favourite genre of music: Rock,pop, instrumental
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Sora, I loves him~ :love: No seriously, like madly in love with him. :XD:
Personal Quote: "I don't have a specific form of art that I like.. Just depends on if it catches my attention. I couldn't name everything I like because the list would go on forever. From a simple meaningful sentence on a plain colored background, to fanart, to the most complex painting there is. Art is art. I like it if it speaks to me."

Anyhoo, thanks for visiting! :iconbaibaiplz:

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